Why Learn to Drive?

For many, learning to drive is an unnecessary expense - something that takes away from the fun that they could be having with their money when they are a teenager. But the fact is that, although driving lessons can be costly, they are vital if you want to make your way successfully in the world. Below are a few reasons why this is truly the case...

The first reason why learning to drive is very important for a teenager is because it provides freedom from having to rely on parents for lifts everywhere - something that they won't be able to rely on when they fly the nest and head to university, or move out on their own. Many people without driving licenses are forced to use public transport, which has a couple of massive drawbacks in comparison to cars - it is notoriously unreliable and also it is incredibly expensive. A bus ticket for a 5 minutes journey, for example, can cost as much as £2.50 in some areas! This is far more than the cost of petrol for this distance!

Employment prospects can also be incredibly limited if you don't have a driving license. This isn't just for jobs that require them, such as the police or ambulance service, but also for jobs that are situated away from your home. In this current economic climate more and more people have to commute longer distances, and if you don't have a driving license you will be restricted to hunting for jobs in your immediate area, which will often be a fruitless exercise.

The final reason why learning to drive is worth the money for a teenager is the social life that it will bring! You'll be able to go with mates on daytrips and stay out past the time that parents will agree to pick you up, and you'll also be the envy of many of our friends too! Although this isn't the most important reason to learn to drive in the long term, many teenagers use it as their main motivation for getting their driving license!

As can be seen, the number of reasons for learning to drive should make it something that every single teenager should aim to achieve. Even if there are some short term sacrifices in what you can spend your money on, it will certainly be more than worth it in the long term, when you are fully independent and not having to rely on anyone for your transportation needs!

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